Akrasia is the goddess of time, as well as knowledge in general and trickery, charm, and artifice. She is seen by some as a trickster goddess.

Among the ranks of her followers are those gifted with the Mark of Akrasia. Followers of Akrasia must obey any command given to them by a Marked one, regardless of its nature.

Temples and Followers Edit

Temples to Akrasia are thick with veils and shroud, an homage to the mysterious nature of the goddess. Her followers refer to Akrasia as "Our Lady" out of reverence.

Scope of Power Edit

Akrasia appears to be capable of manipulating time and possibly space at her will, and does so in a somewhat conniving manner. Divine intervention by Akrasia may simultaneously help and harm. As seen by the relocation and rechronification of the party to the Allendale residence six months after Endren's divine plea, Akrasia may save her followers at the cost of some of their time in the world, which could, at worst, escalate global political situations.

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