Ang'Achi is the god of death, wind, the inevitable, ancestors, and memory. 


A portrayal of the deity

Temples and FollowersEdit

Temples to Ang'Achi vary from place to place. The only commonality between them is the incorporation of air and wind in some aspect. In Marnu Falmar, temples tend to be collections of tall columns with gauzy fabric hung between them.

Followers of Ang'Achi believe that he breathes souls; every time he inhales, someone dies, and every time he exhales, someone is born. As such, they frown on resurrection except in the most dire of circumstances, as they see it as 'stealing the breath' of their god. Resurrection is permitted, however, if someone is willing to die in the raised person's place. Devout followers will often have tattoos marking their desire to not be resurrected. These vary from place to place.

Though Ang'Achi is a death god, he is still worshipped for a variety of reasons. Many of his followers take the inevitability of death as counsel to live life to the fullest, as you only live once. Ang'Achi is also a favorite among sailors, not only for his wind-bringing abilities, but because he is the only one who can quell Islyea's storms.

Scope of PowerEdit

Ang'Achi's powers are mysterious and not often seen by mortals. His most well-known powers are his dominion over death and wind, but he is also a god of memory. It is said he holds the memories of all the souls he has inhaled. If you ask him a question, he will give a truthful answer; however, no one has done so in living memory. Ang'Achi has not interfered in the party's affairs so far. Mae prayed to him once, and a breeze swept through the area, but nothing else immediately obvious happened.

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