Annalee Parsons is a citizen of the village of Eastbrook. She is encountered by the party in said town when they decide to investigate the mysterious curfew the village had adopted. When she is found in the temple, she is cradling a newborn baby, Evey .

Background Edit

Prior to her encounter with the party, Annalee lived with her husband Jonah in the barns. Little to their knowledge, their house has filled with taint, and was corrupting the then pregnant Annalee. It is stated by Rewdyn that Annalee was physically abused by her husband prior to his death. A month before Evey's birth, Annalee stumbled into the village, battered and bloody. She stated that Jonah had attempted to kill her. A few guards went to investigate, they found Jonah had gone insane. They hit him with a lantern, but the corrupted gem inside shattered, killing Jonah. Annalee gave birth to Evey a month later, and the haunting began. The party arrived a week or two after.

First Visit Edit

In the first visit to Eastbrook, Annalee was found in the temple, with her newborn child, Evey Parsons. She seemed distant, and responded to questions in a very detached manner. It is later said by the ghost of Jonah that Annalee was being corrupted by the taint filled Evey, who had been corrupted while Annalee was pregnant inside the barn. The party is then tasked to kill Evey, to save Annalee. (This is the first of an assumed many failed quests.) It is suggested that the mother is sent to a temple to be purified, and the party decides to sleep on it.

Later that night, the party is awoken to Annalee being snuck out of the temple. They chased after her, and caught up to her while she was saddling her horse. She responded that she will not let them take her baby. Ardon cast grease on the baby, hoping to make Annalee stop it, but she kept a tight grip. She then lashed out in anger and went to fetch Mihall . It is decided a tribunal would be held, and Annalee and her daughter will be held in Eastbrook until the party returns.

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