Ardon was born in the Fade itself, to an undead mother. Bastard-born son of Lord Allendale, he was taken from his mother by a Fade guide. Feeling guilty (and hounded by rumors of infertility) he took the child under his roof, where he was treated harshly by the man's wife. As he grew older, his differences became obvious to the family, and he was treated with fear and disgust. One night, the guide's wife attempted to set him on fire in his sleep. She failed, and the resulting fire left him the only survivor.

With nothing left keeping him in the city (and rumors about the cause of the fire flying), Ardon left it behind him. Having no experience in the wild, and little equipment, he nearly starved to death, before being rescued by a Varigal named Samuel. Accompanying the man, he found himself enjoying the simple wandering lifestyle, and eventually became his apprentice. Years latter, Ardon is a full Varigal, and rarely sets foot in the city of his birth.

At first glance, Ardon looks like a rather normal fellow, of average height and build, with black hair and pale skin. His eyes, a cold, icey blue, is his only feature that truly stands out. Upon closer inspection, a careful observer might notice his slightly sharp canines, though he makes an effort to smile with his teeth hidden. One who had watched him for some time might wonder why he never seems to grow any tanner in the sun, or how he manages the cold nights with little more than a light jacket. But few spend so much time with him, so he manages to conceal himself with a large degree of success.

Around others, Ardon adopts a witty, jovial personality, sharing drinks with the farmers and lightly flirting with pretty young girls. Left to his own devices, however, he often falls into a deep depression, chain-smoking upon the back of his horse, staring off into the distance. He has a great respect for his profession, and takes any perceived slight upon it poorly. He has a soft spot for orphans and indeed most children, and usually has a trick or joke to share as they run after him.

Character Sheet

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