Just after the death of Geb , the gods Tias and Deloe brought forth a child, the newest deity in the great pantheon. Like the others, she was entitled to take a portion of Geb's power for her own to become her domain. Being only a baby, however, she had no will or initiative, and was thus forced to take the scraps left over that none of the others wanted. Through this, Avanti, the Goddess of the Unwanted, was born.

Cast off by her parents and abhorred by all other beings, she was eventually accepted by Eiti and Islyea , who treasured and prized the unwanted things that washed onto their shores. They adopted her as their own child, creating a race of finned humanoids solely for the purpose of watching over her, and each gave her a gift. From Eiti, she received dance, that her movements would reflect the joy and wonder she brought to her father. From Islyea, she received madness, that she could forever discover the world anew. Thus it is that Avanti roams the world, forever blind to her status, forgetting her past every 10 to 15 years. This cycle, she appears to have somehow found herself with a cast of misfit adventurers unwanted by the world - and in this fashion, may have finally discovered some form of a home...

Being an Aventi, Avanti blends in easily with humans, the only abnormalities being her gills and the fins on her arms and legs. These lie flat when out of the water, though, so a simple pair of long pants and a long-sleeved shirt hide them effectively enough. She also wears a cloak for good measure. Not one for fashion, her dark brown hair is usually found simply hanging loose and free. She has dark tan skin and bright, sky-blue eyes, that seem to be constantly darting about, looking for any sign of trouble.

Character Sheet

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