A large, sprawling metropolis on the coast of Hannystia, it is also the capital, and home of Queen Torissa.

Quick Facts Edit

  • Population: Approx 3,200,640
  • Major Imports: Tropical Fruits, Iron, Grains, Spices
  • Major Exports: Brocades, Pomegranate Wine, Cranberries, Dyes, Jewels, Lumber

Geography Edit

The city is divided into 17 wards, sixteen have representatives on the city council. Queen Torissa represents the 17th ward, and only votes to break ties. The Wards are:

  1. Harbor Ward
  2. Foreign Ward
  3. Charity Ward
  4. Temple Ward
  5. Merchant's Ward
  6. Smith's Ward
  7. Torissa's Gate
  8. Mourner's Gate
  9. Academy Ward
  10. Academy Gate
  11. Pomegranate Gate
  12. New Gate
  13. Noble's Gate
  14. Noble's Ward
  15. Military Ward
  16. River Ward
  17. Palace Ward

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