Below you will find a selection of the most common gods, specifically those who are most commonly revered or placated in your average person’s day to day life. This doesn’t mean it’s all the gods, and as more come up they will be added.

Deloe, The Eternal MotherNGLove, Family, Healing, Good, Sun
Tias, The Green ManCNChaos, Animal, Lust, Plant, Growth
Geb, He Who IsLNLaw, Construct, Knowledge, Fate, Nobility
Eiti, Lord of the SeaNCatastrophe, Freedom, Travel, Oceans, Water
Islyea, Rider of StormsNEDestruction, Air, Weather, Travel, Madness
Ang'Achi, The BreathlessNWind, Death, Inevitable, Ancestors, Memory
Varsera, the MerchantLETrade, Law, Language, Luck, Slavery
Chadyn, The HarvesterLGSun, Earth, Community, Growth, Seasons
Osivar, the ArsonCEFire, Evil, Insanity, Ferocity, Torture
Akrasia, The Thief of TimeCGTrickery, Time, Knowledge, Charm, Artifice

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