Dwindle Korgan, the Dwarven magitechnician had a terrible beginning. His mother was sent out of the mountains while she was with child. Finding a city she worked hard as a barmaid saving every scrap of coin she could. When Dwindle was 9 she had an unforunate experience with a serial killer and was left in a gutter. Dwin, orphaned, wandered for years learning the streets, keeping his mothers small shack of a dwelling in near perfect order.

One faithful night he found himself in a barrel of brandy at a brewery. Shutting the lid he decided to spend a drunken nights sleep in there... and found himself at a local magitech academy. Rolling out with a massive hangover he drunkenly passed the entrance exam, and absolutely reaking with the nights brandy. 2 days later coming through his hangover he discovers himself in school robes and free housing. He decided to stick with it; If only for a way to make some coin on the side.

Character Sheet

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