FANDOM sketch (1)

Sirna (right) and Hakini (left). A sketch done by a maid in the Allendale household.

Hakini val'Seu was lady-in-waiting to Sirna Allendale, and her best friend. Despite having higher ranked and more beautiful servants, Hakini was the one Sirna chose to take with her when she left Halerode for Marnu Falmar as the wife of Neale Allendale.

Hakini was the only daughter of a wealthy merchant in Halerode, and he paid a large sum of money for her to be educated by the best tutors - tutors shared, in fact, by the Sultana's daughters. Despite the class disparity, Hakini and Sirna became close, and Sirna often told others she kept Hakini around because they kept each other sane.

In her suicide note, Sirna implored Hakini to look after Mihall Allendale, her only surviving son, "as long as he lives". Hakini took this to heart, doing everything in her power to protect Mihall from his father's ideas of what a nobleman 'should' be. She was only forced to stop when Vernia Allendale claimed she had spoken ill of her, and she was ousted from the household. She has since been missing, though some say she has returned to Halerode, and others say she has come back into Estelee-By-The-Sea in disguise, to prevent Neale's men from expelling her again.

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