Hannystia is a prosperous nation in Telma, just south-east of Marnu Falmar. Famed for its lumber, jewels, and pomegranate wine, the country also boasts a robust social safety net, that has led to the common idiom: "No Hannystian starves unless they're protesting something."

The Queens of Hannystia have ruled in an unbroken dynasty for thousands of years, each taking the name Torissa upon her coronation. No queen has ever married, and it is considered the height of rudeness to even ask who might be the queens father. Princesses are never seen, as the queens desire to keep their daughters "uncorrupted by the politics of the capital". water color (5)

Queen Torissa of Hannystia

Cities Edit

  1. Beglisar - The Capital City
  2. Kiersay - A large vacation town on the coast with a small harbor.
  3. Endramoor
  4. Walbardton
  5. Angatrod
  6. Bovermas
  7. Palemmar - A small village on the border between Hannystia and Marnu Falmar.
  8. Ranath Harbor - A trade harbor

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