Islyea is a deity known as the Rider of Storms. She governs over Destruction, Air, Weather, Travel, and Madness. She is an evil goddess, and is well known and rightfully feared for her wrath. When Islyea was turned into a god, she was being born, in a pool of blood and madness, as a cast off from Geb's death.


Islyea is an evil goddess, so temples devoted to her are uncommon and regional. Still, many sailors and captains make blood sacrifices to Islyea to try and ensure safe travels in the ocean. The type of sacrifice varies on the number of people traveling and the length of the voyage.. Although she is not the god of the ocean, Eiti is seen as more just, while Islyea is unpredictable. Eiti is usually called upon to calm Her wrath during storms.

In the Pirate Freeholds, Islyeans worship Her by choosing a human as an Avatar of Islyea. Islyea sees worship of this avatar as worship of herself. The current Avatar is Hai-Lei.


Eiti - The only god who is known to be able to calm Islyea's wrath is Eiti, who is able to do so because He is both her husband, and her father.

Halerode - Islyea belives that Halerode, like all islands, belong to her. When Halerode stopped supplying Islyea with human sacrifices, it earned her wrath, and is now barraged with powerful storms throughout the year.

Avanti - Islyea, along with Eiti, are Avanti's adoptive parents. Islyea provided Avanti with what she considered one of her greatest gifts, amnesia, so that she can always be experiencing new things.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Islyea is a god, and therefore has vast power. Like all gods, Islyea is immortal, omnipresent, and has excellent taste in dramatic timing.

However, Islyea also has several powers exclusive to her.

 -Weather Manipulation: Islyea has complete control over the weather, able to create disastrous storms to carry out her revenge.

 -Insanity Inducement: Islyea does not always carry out her revenge through brute strength. Many times she has cursed a single member of a ship's crew with madness, and left them to rape, murder, and cannibalize everyone else on the ship in her name.

 -Electricity: As expected of the god of storms, Islyea has powerful lighting magic. This magic is powerful enough to vaporize a man with a single slap.

 -Possession: If a person is offered up to Islyea in a religous rite, Islyea will have the ability to possess this person whenever she pleases, and channel her power through the host. The only currently known host of Islyea is Mae Chikuba.

 -TBA: More will be added when Islyea shows more of her power on screen.

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