Jilcerys Carlisle was born in the small Northern village of [INSERT VILLAGE NAME HERE] to a prominent member of the council of elders of that village. Almost since birth she was ridiculed and shunned by the members of her village, being the product of a human father and an elven mother. Her father, though sympathetic to her plight, did little to stop the townsfolk for fear of damaging his reputation, and her mother left the village almost immediately after her birth, returning to Na Aire for good.

She grew to hate the confines of her village and the constant need to keep her father's name unblemished. After a particularly nasty incident, she finally cracked, and left home at last, heading South and straight for the Magitech Academy in Verrilin. There, she enrolled in the apprenticeship program, receiving room and board and learning to use and care for a gun in exchange for 7 (I think that was the number) years of free service to the Academy. Now, however, her apprenticeship is drawing to a close, and she has begun to give serious thought to her future and, increasingly, her past.

Jilcerys is a relatively imposing figure, with her white-blonde hair and piercing lavender eyes giving her an unearthly air. She is tall for her age, and many assume her to be older than she is at first glance, though they tend not to stay long enough to inquire as to her actual age due to her intimidating body language. She wears a well-worn but equally well-cared for suit of leather armor, which has been customized to hold her ammunition and crystals.

Jilcerys makes it quite clear from the moment she meets a person that she is interested only in carrying out her mission and nothing else. She has taken a vow of celibacy for reasons she remains stubbornly tight-lipped about, and tends to keep small talk to a minimum. This does not mean she doesn't listen, however, and she'll often hover during conversations, picking up information this way. She is fiercely protective of Endren, having formed a close-knit bond with the Drow and often referring to her as 'her other half'. She brings her along on every mission she embarks upon, and will drop everything to ensure her survival.

Character Sheet

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