Jonah Parsons was a man who lived in Eastbrook with his wife Annalee Parsons. He is the father of Evey Parsons, but died before she was born. When the party arrives in Eastbrook, he has already passed, and is haunting the town as a ghost.

Pre-Party Arrival Edit

Jonah lived in Eastbrook in a barn, about a mile away from the main square. When he bought the property, he built the new barn for his family to live, and intended to use the old barn for his study.

One day, according to Micah Emyen , Annalee came running into town, bloody and battered. She said that Jonah tried to kill her, so Micah and a few other guards went to check it out. At the barn, there was a struggle, and Jonah was hit in the head with a lamp, resulting in his death.

About 3 weeks later, following the birth of Evey, Jonah's ghost began haunting the old barn. Although the ghost hasn't attacked anyone, it was enough to scare the town enough that at sundown they all hide in the chapel. This continues for a week or two, and then The Party arrives in town.

Post-Party Arrival Edit

When The Party arrives in Eastbrook, they eventually decide to investigate the old barn for clues. There, they stumble upon Jonah's ghost. Jonah informs the party that Annalee was in the tainted barn too long, and the residual taint has corrupted Evey and turned her into a monster. He tasks the party with killing Evey, so that Annalee can be free.

Post Timeskip Edit

When the party awakens from their 6 month absence, they discover that all of Eastbrook, and Jonah with it, has vanished. This matter hasn't been investigated further yet.

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