Artist's rendition (possibly a self portrait) of Koryo using her trademark Wand of Light, despite having darkvision.


Koryo is a 19 year old half-Kitsune half-Force Dragon, born on the 7th of Sudyl, 19123 IA. Despite previously claiming she was from The Pirate Freeholds, she is actually from the South Pole. Her biological parents are a kitsune named Kyomi, and a mysterious force dragon. Her adoptive parents are Aleis and Mihall Allendale.

While Koryo is, in general, kind-hearted and willing to help those in need, she doesn't shy away from the 'occasional' pranks and japes. She has little respect for authority, and is about as impulsive as it gets. She's only like 10 in dragon years, after all. Despite being literally the opposite of helpful in just about any social situation, her expertise in the field of 'beating the crap out of people' is unmatched, and is presumably the reason anyone keeps her around. Koryo also has very strong hoarding impulses, which require her to lock away every gold piece she gets her claws on into her Bag of Hoarding, from which they will never see daylight again.


Koryo lived her first five or so years travelling the known world with only her mother. After an unspecified event caused them to be seperated, Koryo wandered alone and assumed Kyomi was dead. She very quickly had to learn how to fend for herself, using her draconic strength and abilities to survive as an urchin. After about ten years of being alone, Koryo joined the Party and, in Halerode, learned that her mother was still alive. Upon the end of the first adventure, Koryo left the group quite suddenly one day, having teleported off to the South Pole to meet her dad.


During the first two or three years of the timeskip, Koryo trained with her biological father, learning more about her draconic heritage every day. Afterwards, she went back to Marnu Falmar, where she was adopted by Aleis and Mihall, whom she stayed with for the remaining years. She went to school, learned nearly every language, got up to Court Hijinks, and told everyone in the city individually that she was a dragon, but that it was a secret to everybody! These were probably the best years of her life.


After five years of training and learning, Koryo is... not that much different, really. Dragons age slower! The difference between a dragon 8 year old and a dragon 10 year old is not a whole lot. She's a little less excitable, a little more rational, and uses way fewer emoticons. She still precedes all names with 'Mister/Misses' and, despite her very thorough knowledge of 21 languages, she (allegedly) still hasn't figured out conjunctions in Common yet. She's... quite a lot stronger, though, so, at least there's that.

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