Lowhaven is a town located within the country of Marnu Falmar. It is half a day's journey from Verrilin. It is a popular destination for Verrilin nobles and citizens, who take advantage of the numerous taverns, inns and brothels to enjoy some of the more physical pleasures of life.

Lowhaven has two markets. The first, the Day Market, is open from early morning until 6 in the evening. It sells traditional goods and services, such as food and magic crystals. The Night Market, which opens around 9 PM, sells all those goods which are prohibited by the town laws from being sold in the day, including illicit substances and items used in lascivious acts.

Notable citizens of Lowhaven are:

  • Rale Dar'dele, a retired Varigal who lives in the brothels
  • Isia Hoyne, a renowned Varigal who specializes in fortune telling
  • The Tribunal, the main governing council of the town composed of three prominent citizens

Prominent locations in Lowhaven are:

  • The Mischievous Maiden, a rather popular inn located next to a boarding school for girls
  • The Temple of Deloe

Current StatusEdit

Due to the party's actions in Lowhaven, a holy war has been started. Any and all paladins of Geb within the city have been ruthlessly exterminated. The situation within the city walls is at this juncture in time unknown.


  • The magitech crystal merchant in Lowhaven has requested that Dwindle go to the Shipwright's Wharf in Verrilin and meet with the merchant's brother, a shipwright named Glenn. He must then perform an unspecified task for him, upon the completion of which he will receive a note which he can then take back to the merchant - RESOLVED
  • Something in Lowhaven has been raping and killing young noblewomen.  It is suspected to be the work of some kind of forest creature. The party has been unofficially charged with investigating the murders - RESOLVED

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