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Pre-Timeskip Edit

Mae Chikuba is a 22 year old Half Elf who lives in the land of Marnu Falmar. She lives a lifestyle that is mostly illegal, but she hasn’t been caught yet and she doesn’t plan on it. Her lifestyle consists of stealing, selling the stolen stuff, then getting rich for the sake of being rich. She worships the deity Ang’Achi, using their quiet winds to hide her footsteps and their swift gusts to speed her escapes. She knows her life will not be eternal, and when she dies, she will become their breath.

Her mother and father met one night and ended up in a little fling. Unfortunately, they broke up soon after and then never met again. Her elvish mother gave birth and left Mae on the doorstep of her father. She was taken in and raised by him. Unfortunately, Mr. Chikuba was not very financially stable at the time. He was cheep and a drunken oaf. Any income he had was soon lost to his beer bill. She was raised in poverty and the more fortunate found this… well, funny. She was mocked, told she was cursed to be stuck in her poverty. She cursed herself, certain that it was all because she was tainted with half elven blood. But she was determined to prove everyone wrong, that she could rise out of her status and then she will laugh at them all from her golden throne.. She started doing odd jobs for her neighbors for an extra penny or two. As she grew older, she knew it wasn’t gonna be enough. She began to the less honorable act of stealing and selling the stolen goods. As her fortune began to rack up, she fell back into her habit of odd jobs, albeit a little differently. She became a sort of blade for hire. Her sword and knife were not unfamiliar to blood. She’d work for any side in any conflict, as long as the pay was good. Steal, find, kill, these were all common commands. Now all she could wonder was what her next job would bring her... 

Post-Timeskip Edit

Following the death of her "father", Mae became distant. When the group arrived back in the freeholds, Mae disappeared the next morning, leaving nothing but a note. In the last 5 years, no one has heard or seen from her. Eventually, she turned up, breaking into the palace but was intercepted by Angela Gray. Having now rejoined the party, she is much colder and militant than she was, and has become much more skilled as both a fighter and as a rogue. She also seems to have several things she is keeping to herself...

Mae's Sheet

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