The term "Magitech Academy" can refer to the physical buildings throughout the world that teach Magitech, or the organization that links all of these schools, and governs the use of Magitech by the general populace. This article deals with the latter.

Organization Edit

The Magitech Academy works very much like a school, even outside of its teaching capacities.

The Academy as a whole is overseen by the Magitech Guildmistress, Ara Elkraust. Reporting to her are the Headmasters of each academy, whom are responsible for their faculty and administration, whom are responsible for the students and new graduates.

Each Headmaster is encouraged to run their school in a manner befitting the local culture and their personal style, so long as they adhere to the Academy's Curriculae.

Headmasters the Party has Met Edit

None yet.

Detractors Edit

While most of the world has come to accept Magitech as part of daily life, there are a few groups, scattered about, who feel that Magitech is bad for the world, and eschew its use.

Sorcerer Cults Edit

Of special note are the sorcerer cults, a small organization of various groups throughout the world who despise magitech. They generally are overseen by an extremely charismatic sorcerer, who has convinced his followers to not use Magitech, for one reason or another.

The most notable of these was started approximately 450 years ago. A young sorcerer named Daras convinced a small farming village that the Magitech Academy was sacrificing small children to activate the Condensers. The fear mongering spread amongst the other, nearby townships like wildfire. Soon, most of Northern Telma had given up Magitech, and was actively forcing Magitechnicians and their escorts out of the area. But the lack of the technology, which the people of the area had grown so dependent on, caused widespread disease, and starvation, as they didn't have the farming technology to support their population. Soon, anger and resentment at Daras, combined with a lack of proof at his claims, led to his assassination and the dissolution of the cult, though there are still some tiny enclaves of it scattered about.

Because of the destruction the lack of Magitech caused, Sorcerer Cults are generally ignored and looked down upon by the populace.

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