The Country of Marnu Falmar

The country of Marnu Falmar is a moderatley sized kingdom on the southern peninsula of the continent of Telma. Though it does sport plenty of arable land and thick forests, Marnu Falmar is mostly known for it's trading, offering land passage to the other side of the peninsula, and north and south through the peninsula, faster than one can sail around, thanks to their robust system of roads.

Boasting no less than eight bustling metropolii, Marnu Falmar has a population of just over five million. It's largest city, Estelee-By-The-Sea, was the capital, until 80 years ago when the current royal family, the Saxbourgs, took the throne. They proceeded to move the capital inland, to New Estelee, however, most of the nobility still resides in the old capital.

The country is currently ruled over by Rothen Saxbourg.

Other cities of note include:

Verrilin, home to the newest branch of the Magitech Academy. It's the last stop along the Verrilin Highway.

Ashenon, on the eastern coast, at the northern end of the border with Hannystia.

The country is also home to an unknown number of elves, though they claim citizenship in the kingdom of Na Aire.

Marnu Falmar is the country in which the party starts the game.