Birthday: Clyserei 24, 19121 IA

Mihall was born to a noble family in Estelee by the Sea. He grew up with a sense of idealism and belief in the santity of law. But as he reached his adolescence he began to see crime taking place all around, and most egregiously, he began to see the abuse of power by those in his own noble castes, ignoring the law outright, or using it primarily as a way to stomp upon the weak and downtrodden.

He became increasingly cynical as he got older, and increasingly vocal about the obligations of those in power to uphold the law and fight in favor of the peasantry. His parents eventually came to view him as an embarrassment and sent him on a "military assignment" that was designed to be low danger but also keep him away from them until he got older and settled down so as to stop his rabble rousing. He has actually taken quite well to the role of a dispenser of justice and protector of law, but resents the fact that his role is designed to be low-risk busywork rather than genuinely fighting the forces of corruption and chaos.

Mihall has the heart of an idealist, but it is buried FAR beneath the shell of a cynic. He hates tyranny and is suspicious of authority figures in general, and hates all the gods for allowing the world to become like it is. He has made his holy vows as a Paladin of Geb, who he hates like any other god, but who he respects as being fair, and expecting the law to apply the same to everyone, even if he can't stand the fact that Geb does nothing to help people who need help unless the law is already on their side. He is loyal to Geb. But he hates him.

Character Sheet

Legend Point #1 Edit

The idea is this: things go down as you said, HOWEVER, as it turns out, Aleis was Akrasia born into a human form. Past!Akrasia knows this, but doesn't like Mihall even though Aleis does, so figured nothing could be more upsetting to him than learning of his wife's identity. Mihall has an Oracle vision revealing that Akrasia is going to attempt to trick him, so identifies where the real Akrasia is, but doesn't realize that Aleis is really Akrasia. So he does stab Aleis due to past!Akrasia's trick--this reveals her to be Akrasia in the process--she does survive the stabbing, but her nature is revealed.

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