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Ouradie sil'Coecydan is the 21 year old second daughter of the Coecydan House of Navigators in Halerode. She recently finished her enslavement to the House and has now graduated as a craftswoman.

As the second oldest daughter, it is her duty to build her own legacy, not ride the coattails of her family's. As such, she won't inherit much of anything from the guild or become the next Guildmaster, unless she significantly surpasses her older sister. The most she'll get is a sum of money or a small apartment from her mother.

Personality-wise, Ouradie is a sort of stable middle-ground between the serious and the silly. She knows when to start joking and when to stop, and that averages out to a kind of mellow disposition.

Varsera's Blade And OnwardEdit

For her first post, she attained a position as the navigator aboard Varsera's Blade, a ship given as a wedding gift from the Sultana to her nephew Mihall Allendale. She was hired because of her family name as well as her skills as a Navigator. She is the one who recommended Riliss to the Sultana, and Riliss hired the rest of his crew. 

She appears to be in good relations with the other crewmembers, gossiping and joking along with them during their downtime together. Ouradie also doesn't particularly seem to dislike The Party, with the exception of Ardon, as she has been known to have light-hearted conversations with some of them.

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