Serindë, High Priestess of Deloe in Estelee-by-the-Sea.

Serindë is the High Priestess of Deloe in Estelee-by-the-Sea. One of the few sentient undead to come out of The Fade, she worked her way quickly up the ranks of the priesthood, becoming the high priestess after the mysterious death of the previous high priestess.

For decades she was a mindless undead in the Fade, and concubine of Neale Allendale. Not long before the war with the United Dwarven Front broke out, she awoke from her mindlessness, remembering very little other than she had a son with Neale Allendale, and that Deloe had blessed her.

Upon hearing of Ardon's legitimization by King Rothen Saxbourg, she began attempting to contact him, in hopes she could have some kind of tie to the world other than painful memories of her time as a living woman. Her letters were rejected for an unknown reason by Nalina eth'Allendale.

Who she was, while alive, is still a mystery to the players.

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