FANDOM antique oil painting

Painting of Sirna Allendale (nee lyn'Nyso) in the Sultana's Solar Gallery in Halerode.

Sirna Allendale (nee lyn'Nyso) was the third, and youngest daughter, of Sultana Zhevia lyn'Nyso. She married Neale Allendale, of the Allendale Bank, at the age of 16. She and Neale had seven children together, of which only one survived infancy: Mihall Allendale. Sadly, Sirna did not live to see him grow, as her fears of losing him as well drove her to suicide at the age of 29.

Sirna is considered a tragic, but romantic, figure in Halerodian popular culture.

Her children, in order:

  • Neale (died at 10 months old, drowning)
  • Kirnsley (died at 3 months old, suffocated by nanny)
  • Stailer (died at 6 months, epidemic)
  • Cyran (died at 8 months, fell)
  • Rhahos (died at 3 weeks, complications from birth)
  • Anenth (died at 11 months and three weeks, trampled by a horse)
  • Mihall Allendale (still alive)

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