Age Date Events
Geb ? Creation of Akella.
Geb -17700 IA Geb is killed by the other Deities.
Wasted -17131 IA The Gebian Plague begins in Telma.
Imperial Bur 1, 1 IA The Elven Kings signed the treaty of Liyerist, creating the Elven Empire.
Imperial Cae 8, 6562 IA Emevestia vo'Tyvlor exhibits Magitech for the first time, in the court of Emperor Whuough.
Imperial 7619 IA Empress Liossa orders the mass imprisonment of every known sorcerer. No records are known that detail their location.
Imperial Rhe 41, 7798 IA The first magitech condenser is installed in the Imperial Palace at Caeredwyn. It still runs to this day, and is a popular tourist destination.
Revolt Rhe 16, 15734 IA The various races enslaved to the elves banded together and began a war which would topple the Elven Empire.
Revolt Cae 25, 16051 IA Dartasu Tiningroth is named king of Marnu Falmar.
Revolt Min 3, 16099 IA The last of the Elven Kings outlawed slavery rather than be dethroned.
Modern Sud 32, 17292 IA Zheack Allendale begins offering banking services to the peasants living on his land.
Modern Whu 17352 IA Taikad Ainai-Huvaxi hosts the Islyean Summit, wherein The Pirate Freeholds become an alliance of city-states.
Modern Bur 40, 17360 IA First reference to the "Pirate Ambassador" found in Marnu Falmar records: He was bringing gifts to Queen Emilia.
Modern Rhe 4, 17378 Elmeldu val'Essine is born.
Modern Ner 16, 18193 IA The Bellchapel district of Estelee-By-The-Sea explodes, becoming The Fade.
Modern Min 11, 19035 IA Endren is born.
Modern 19054 IA Deoreth Saxbourg stages a successful coup against King Vesgarit III of Marnu Falmar, ending the Tiningroth dynasty, after 3000 years.
Modern Ner 43, 19080 IA Neale Allendale is born.
Modern Min 44, 19093 IA Sirna lyn'Nyso is born.
Modern Cly 14, 19109 IA Neale Allendale presents Ves'kin'eyz Tazryn at the Sultana's Palace at Halerode, securing Sirna Lyn'Nyso's hand in marriage.
Modern Whu 7, 19111 IA Jilcerys Carlisle is born.
Modern Whu 39, 19116 IA Deom Saxbourg is born.
Modern Rhe 22, 19116 IA Mae Chikuba is born.
Modern Bur 17, 19118 IA Ardon is born.
Modern Cly 24, 19121 IA Mihall Allendale is born.
Modern Bur 13, 19122 IA Aleis Saxbourg is born.
Modern Hath 29, 19122 IA Sirna Allendale commits suicide.
Modern Sud 7, 19123 IA

Koryo Nogitsune is born.

Modern Arw 39, 19124 IA Samidna Votherine dies.
Modern Hath 17, 19136 IA Game Start, The Party arrives in Eastbrook.
Modern Hath 18, 19136 IA The Party leaves Eastbrook.
Modern Hath 20, 19136 IA The Party arrives in Lowhaven.
Modern Hath 23, 19136 IA The Party leaves Lowhaven.
Modern Hath 25, 19136 IA The Party arrives in Verrilin.
Modern Hath 25, 19136 IA The Fade of Verrilin is born.
Modern Hath 25, 19136 IA The Party leaves Verrilin.
Modern Hath 28, 19136 IA The Party enters Alpentor.
Modern Hath 29, 19136 IA Alpentor is flooded when the Eagle Eye collapses.
Modern Hath 30, 19136 IA Aleis Saxbourg is reported missing.
Modern Hath 43, 19136 IA A record of marriage between Mihall Allendale and Aleis Saxbourg appears in the Ledger of Geb.
Modern Clys 1, 19136 IA The Party arrives in Caered.
Modern Min 29, 19137 IA The Party is spotted in Estelee-By-The-Sea.
Modern Min 30, 19137 IA The Party, with Aleis Saxbourg, departs for Halerode aboard Varsera's Blade.
Modern Sud 33, 19137 IA The Party, with Aleis Saxbourg, arrives in Halerode.
Modern Sud 39, 19137 IA An unexpected collapse of a portion of Halerode results in the death of the Sultana and much of her family.
Modern Sud 40,

19137 IA

Cinoli lyn'Nyso, daughter of Isytha lyn'Nyso, is named Sultana at the age of ten.
Modern Sud 41,

19137 IA

The Party, with Aleis Saxbourg, departs Halerode for Ettern aboard Varsera's Blade.
Modern Arw 17, 19137 IA King Rothen Saxbourg, of Marnu Falmar, legitimizes Ardon Allendale, by royal decree.
Modern Ner 20, 19137 IA The Party, with Aleis Saxbourg, arrives in Ettern.
Modern Ner 21, 19137 IA Xue of Ettern marries Avanti Misrakar.
Modern Ner 22, 19137 IA The Party puts down an uprising amongst a group of miners seeking to improve their lot in the Pirate Freeholds.
Modern Ner 24, 19137 IA The Party leaves for the Southern Isles.
Modern Hath 25, 19137 IA The Party arrives in the Southern Isles.
Modern Hath 26, 19137 IA The Great Machine begins to move again in the Southern Isles.
((Time skip stuff below))
Modern Hath 27, 19137 IA The Party leaves Caered for Marnu Falmar.
Modern Rhe 36,

19137 IA

The Party arrives in Estelee-By-The-Sea.
Modern Clys 1, 19137 IA The Party leaves for New Estelee.
Modern Clys 19, 19137 IA Ardon Allendale assumes leadership of the New Estelee branch of the Allendale Bank.
Modern Clys 28,

19137 IA

Mihall Allendale is made a commander at the Temple of Geb in New Estelee.
Modern Clys 32, 19137 IA The United Dwarven Clans declare war on Marnu Falmar in retaliation for the destruction of Alpentor.
Modern Bur 6, 19138 IA King Rothen Saxbourg declares war on the United Dwarven Clans.
Modern Bur 30,

19138 IA

The United Dwarven Clans weaponize the Fade of Verrilin, killing the remaining populace of the city, and establishing it as a base on the surface.
Modern Bur 37, 19138 IA Prince Deom Saxbourg proposes the creation of a standing military that serves the Crown, which is approved by a healthy majority of the nobility. Despite the profits they stand to gain, the Allendales oppose.
Modern Bur 38, 19138 IA King Rothen Saxbourg formally creates the Military, and names three generals to command it: Prince Deom Saxbourg, Lord Mihall Allendale, and Radan Saxbourg.
Modern Bur 40, 19138 IA The Merwyn Family raises arms against the Crown of Marnu Falmar.
Modern Min 39, 19138 IA Deom Saxbourg marries Lenora Merwyn. The Merwyn Family allies with the Crown in the war against the dwarves.
Modern Arw 29, 19138 IA Strange mercenary bands claiming to be from a land far to the south arrive at the port in Estelee-By-The-Sea.
Modern Ner 18, 19138 IA The strange mercenaries arrive in New Estelee.
Modern Rhe 35, 19138 IA Deom Saxbourg suffers a major defeat at the Battle of Cerrhin.
Modern Sud 7, 19139 IA Hakini Allendale is born. King Rothen Saxbourg grants her the title of Princess, despite not being a child of the Crown.
Modern Sud 14, 19139 IA Xue and Avanti Misrakar arrive to bring gifts to the new Princess, though Xue soon leaves, taking the strange mercenaries back to their land.
Modern Sud 43, 19139 IA The Royal Family announces that Lenora Merwyn is expecting. King Rothen Saxbourg declares a holiday in celebration.
Modern Ner 19, 19139 IA Lenora Merwyn vanishes. King Rothen Saxbourg offers an extremely large reward for her return.

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