A portrait of Lord Votherine, in his private library.

Tylier Votherine is one of the oldest noblemen in Marnu Falmar, the father of Samidna Votherine, Caliban Votherine, and at least one other child. He is the Lord of Ashenon, father-in-law to the King, and considered rather wealthy for a noble of Marnu Falmar.[1]

Tylier married the daughter of a rather wealthy merchant from Ashenon at his father's request, and they only had one child, Samidna. His son and heir, Caliban, was only legitimized as part of Samidna's marriage contract with Rothen Saxbourg.

His age has made him rather weak, and so he does not stray far from his estate, though his mind is said to still be very sharp. Some say he avoids court as he has publically said his greatest regret is marrying his daughter to the King.

Notes Edit

  1. Spiders Allendale is an outlier and should not be counted.

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