Yorrik Rotund'jere traveled extensively with his family as he grew up and beyond. Being a closeknit group, he continued traveling with them despite that he had reached well into adulthood. His mother, Eleana, is a devout priest of Ang'Achi, and he would follow in her footsteps, learning the basics of being a cleric to the Breathless. Meanwhile, his father, a wizard, would tutor him on his spellwork and share with him the book collection he had gathered up throughout the years.

One book, however, his father, Korrik, did not want him to see. One of his "Forbidden Schools." A book on Necromancy. Being ever curious, Yorrik would steal short reads of that book whenever he got the chance, and was successful at doing so for many years. Eventually, he managed to transcribe some of the simpler parts of the book into his own spellbook, and began practicing the art of Necromancy. Years passed still and Yorrik was becoming both a gifted cleric, a promising wizard, and a potentially terrifying True Necromancer. Alas, fate would not allow him to study under his parents any longer.

One night, Yorrik was out practicing one of his spells, one that would raise a skeleton from the earth. Unfortunately for him, this night his father would find him ordering the skeleton to gather sticks in the woods. Korrik was furious, shouting obscenities at him, for clearly he had been learning about necromancy for a long time. Yorrik was warned repeatedly throughout his life that to tread down the path of necromancy is to tread the path of evil and suffering. Insulted and fuming, Korrik grabbed the original book of necromancy from Yorrik's hands and forbade Yorrik from continuing on their travels with them.

Still, Yorrik was not shaken. With a devout heart, a lust for knowlege, and what little still remained of his father's notes Yorrik carried on. Lost, and in the middle of a forest off a long road, Yorrik started traveling with nothing but his own spellbook, the clothes on his back, his heirloom circlet, and a pack of skeletons following him closely behind.

Personality BlurbEdit

Yorrik has always been a cheery sort, and loves to meet new people. He avoids trouble where possible, espcially when he travels through a city with a lone skeleton assistant (carefully wrapped up in lots of form-concealing clothing, of course). After all, why be a necromancer when you have to carry your own junk? He prefers to keep a somewhat low profile where possible, but sometimes when the opportunity for conversation shows up, he just can't resist.

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